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Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom Powder Kratom 300x300 - Free Kratom Samples - Try Before You BuyIn this publication, we will explain how to get free kratom samples. how kratom can be used and what is the use of it. When consuming powder, psychotropic effects are observed. They appear in different ways. This indicator depends on the method of use of the substance, on the place of growth of the plant, on the time of collection of leaves and on the individual characteristics of a person. Also, when using Kratom, there is an anesthetic and psychological effect, an antidepressant and general tonic effect.

Ways to use dry leaves

In most cases, Kratom is applied in the form of dried leaves, powdered. Thus, all valuable properties are preserved in the plant. This has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the psychoactive substance. The powder form is useful in another sense:

Common methods of using dry leaves of a plant include:

  • brewing the leaves in the form of tea – to improve the taste, lemon juice, honey, and sugar are added to the drink. There is a well-founded opinion that when using lemon, the efficiency of Kratom improves ;
  • taking the powder internally – to eliminate the bitter taste of Kratom mixed with yogurt and apple sauce;
  • combined option – to improve the effect Kratom connects with other substances. For example, guarana or Yohimbe.


After drinking tea or powder, the valuable properties of Kratom appear in 15-30 minutes. In an hour, the effect reaches its maximum and stays at this level for several hours. Then the effect slowly decreases. When a person consumes large doses of a psychoactive substance, the properties of the plant appear on the second day.

What does the kratom effect depend on?

The impact of Kratom directly depends on the dosage. Experts are convinced that when using a powder in small doses (3-5 grams), the plant shows its stimulating properties. When the dose reaches ( 8-10 grams), the substance acts on the body in the form of a relaxant and analgesic.

This statement is proved by the opinions of people who used Kratom for the treatment of drug addiction to eliminate depression. But at the same time, there are cases when the use of small doses on the body had a calming effect, and with increasing dosage, people had a feeling of anxiety. What does this mean? The fact that the psychoactive substance manifests its properties, taking into account the individual characteristics of the person. Therefore, in the beginning, it is better to use the powder in minimum dosages. When the “first acquaintance” is completed and the effectiveness of the plant is shown, the dose can be increased. This is the best way to determine the appropriate dosage.

How does Kratom affect the body?

Small doses of Kratom have a stimulating effect on the body. This is the main reason that Kratom has long been used by residents of Thailand and Malaysia. They consume the leaves of the plant when performing complex and monotonous work that requires physical effort. After the use of the substance, workers have the strength to solve daily tasks. They lose apathy, reluctance to work and fatigue. Therefore, a person successfully copes with a large amount of work.

What Does Kratom Do?

When used in small doses, Kratom exhibits other beneficial properties:

  • beneficial effects on the male body – the plant is used as an aphrodisiac. Thus, Thais prolong sexual intercourse;
  • strengthening immunity – by drinking tea and powder, the body’s defenses are improved;
  • elimination of depression – there is a good mood and positive emotions. The man comes out of depression and begins to see the bright colors of life.

Hedonic effect: what is it?

Based on what useful properties Kratom has, it is compared to Yohimbe and Mate. But with cocaine and other similar substances, it can not be compared. The key difference in a psychoactive substance is a stable presence. This is the so-called hedonic effect, which is mistakenly called euphoric.

Kratom is a specific plant that does not have the drawbacks of classic opioids. When taking drugs a person loses touch with reality and is half asleep. When using Kratom this effect is not observed. Even when using large doses, the person feels normal. He is not depressed breathing and does not have other side effects.

Is it Effective?

A feature of Kratom is that when taking a substance, pronounced effects develop. The first phase lasts about an hour. At this time, the person improves mood and strength to work. A person feels relaxed and communicates with people. In many cases, he has increased sexual desire.

When the stimulating phase ends, the hedonic effect is most pronounced. It is manifested by the fact that a person feels the heat in the body and does not feel pain. At the same time, mental arousal disappears and relaxation appears. Many people during this phase want to lie on the couch, listen to pleasant music, watch a movie. This effect is similar to the effect of classic opioids. But there are cardinal differences. They consist in the fact that a person is in full consciousness, remains alert and can do the work. Euphoria takes place, but it does not fall on a person like a concrete slab. This is an important difference between Kratom and narcotic substances.

The plant has another feature. This lack of addictive potential. By this is meant a pathological addiction to a particular substance. “Get hooked” on Kratom is almost impossible. To do this, use the powder in high doses several times a day and for a long time. It is very difficult because the powder has a bitter taste. It is taken only to achieve positive results in the treatment of drug addiction, in the elimination of the depressive state, in order to improve efficiency. Kratom copes with such tasks. Therefore, it is in great demand!

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